About the Barnwell Web
This website and most of the pages contained within the site are designed specifically for Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 4.0 or later versions, monitor resolution of 800 X 600 and at least 16.7 million colors (24 bit color).

The Barnwell Web is an online service for Barnwell County that is designed and maintained by .maco WEBPAGE SERVICES and hosted by Internet Solutions of Barnwell. It is intended to serve as the central source of online information and interactive features for Barnwell County, serving both area residents and people from outside the community who have a desire to learn more about Barnwell County.

On July 1, 1997, .maco WEBPAGE SERVICES and Internet Solutions combined forces to become Barnwell County's first full-service Internet Provider, i.e., offering internet access, webpage design and storage for both personal and business accounts. For more information regarding these services, click on the appropriate buttons on the left side of the screen.

The Barnwell Web is designed as a gathering place and departure point for information resources around the world.

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