Listed below are some of the local churches in and around the Barnwell area. If your church has a website and you would like your church's page listed here, call us at (803) 259-0227 or email us at the address given at the bottom of this page.

Barnwell Presbyterian Church (USA)   - Located at the corner of Franklin and Washington Streets in Barnwell.
Williston Presbyterian Church (USA)   - Located on Elko Street in Williston.
Hagood Avenue Baptist Church   - A Baptist church located on Hagood Avenue in Barnwell.
Barnwell First Baptist Church   - A Baptist Church located on Allen Street in Barnwell.
Williston United Methodist Church   - A Methodist Church located on the Springfield Highway in Williston.
Calvary Baptist Church   - Located on Marlboro Avenue in Barnwell.
Barnwell Bamberg Baptist Association   - An association serving both Barnwell and Bamberg counties.
Ned Branch Missionary Baptist Church   - The Ned Branch Missionary Baptist Church of Barnwell, S.C. welcomes you.

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